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Energy Procurement & Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
Enjoy the benefit of centralised bulk purchasing and monitoring of electricity and gas. We can provide the Display Energy Certificate (DEC) that is mandatory for public buildings.
The Energy Management Team is able to provide a full procurement and monitoring service for the purchase of electricity, gas and oil. The Council has centralised energy contracts with preferred suppliers that are tendered under full OJEU regulations.

By having a central energy contract, the council is able to ensure more favourable rates for energy are secured as well as some value added services such as the provision of AMR or Smart Meters, access to web based billing and access to half-hourly data. All billing data is imported and stored within our central database allowing sites and school access via a web browser to view their energy consumption, and run reports to review their cost and consumption.

Public Buildings, including Schools also are required to display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC). By having schools on a central contract means that our data requirements are met, enabling us to have access to all schools energy data to assist in producing the DEC.

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