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1 Big Database Bathnes
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1 Big Database Bathnes (www.bathnes1bd.org.uk) : provides information on support groups, activities for families, an events calendar, family information and a verified Ofsted approved list of childcare providers in Bath and North East Somerset.
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19 Jun
EYFS - Emotion Coaching - A Different Approach to Managing Behaviour (2 part course)
Wednesday 19th June & Wednesday 26th June 2019 (both sessions need to be attended) - reg. 6.15pm (6.30pm - 8.30pm) - Keynsham Civic Centre - Keynsham W1.1 Conference Room You will need to attend both sessions of the training. Emotion Coaching aims to empower practitioners with strategies to approach communication and behaviour effectively and empathetically. Through building awareness of brain development, attachment relationships and responsive interactions, emotions and self-regulation, practitioners will acquire skills to empathise and use an Emotion Coaching approach to support young children's emotional well-being and behaviour. Using an Emotion Coaching approach will: - Help children to regulate, improve and take ownership of their behaviour - Help children to calm down and better understand their emotions - Help practitioners to be more sensitive to children’s needs - Help create more consistent responses to children’s behaviour - Help practitioners to feel more ‘in control’ during incidents - Help promote positive relationships Please note for confirmation for full details of your booking you will be sent an additional email from Early Years Team.
19 Jun
New Governor Induction (3 sessions)
The sessions will cover; • Roles, accountability, corporate governance and personal liability • The difference between governance in academy and maintained schools • Vision, ethos and strategic direction • Holding the head to account - how well is our school doing? • School improvement, making sense of data and performance management/appraisal • School finance and value for money; pupil premium • School inspection and governance • Getting started: what do I do? Governing Board structure and organisation; meetings; self-evaluation
20 Jun
A Whole School Approach to Mental Health in Schools Including support for anxious learners
The training will include: • A whole school approach to mental health & wellbeing • Information on current guidance and support available both locally and nationally • An overview of problematic anxiety in children and young people • Strategies for supporting anxious learners