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School Tree Management and Maintenance
Specialist Advice, Inspection & Maintenance of Trees
As rewarding as trees are to the attractiveness and usefulness of your schools surroundings, they are not without risk. It is our aim to provide you with a service targeted at deriving maximum benefits from trees for the least risk and cost (right tree - right place), - an approach that we are well versed in with our own lean finances and high responsibilities. We provide a comprehensive range of objective tree care services from advice and pro-active inspections to tree pruning and felling works (to Schools and Academies) .

Statutory – The pro-active inspection of trees is required under the Occupiers Liability Act and frequencies of inspection would be detailed as per a site specific tree risk assessment. Without routine tree inspections at 'reasonable' frequencies you could be seen as negligent should an incident occur that results in a loss/damage. H&S legislation will also require you to maintain a safe place of work for staff.
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Forest of Imagination 2018
21 May
Save the date! Forest of Imagination 28-30 September 2018 to align with the Kids Lit Fest. Forest of Imagination is a four-day participatory, contemporary arts event and creative learning programme delivered by a collaborative team of local creative organisations in Bath. The event transforms a familiar public place into an inclusive space for contemporary creativity and intuitive play, offering an immersive experience for participants through interactive installations, artworks and workshops. Forest of Imagination is free and open to all. Schools can book a visit on 28 September. The weekend is open to families with workshops for all ages. More details soon. If you wish to align your work next? term ?with Forest of Imagination, please do get in touch. Penny Hay - p.hay@bathspa.ac.uk
Spring Challenge 2018
21 May
The 2018 Spring Challenge was a great success with lots of schools getting their children outside for their learning for the challenge week. It has been an absolute delight to see all the photographs from the schools that took part and to count up how many children were involved. In total it was over 1,500! Schools that managed to get more than 75% of their pupils out during the week and cover at least 4 different curriculum areas will be receiving a special wooden plaque to signify their achievement. Congratulations to all of them! We are currently preparing displays of all of the photographs to go into local libraries over the coming weeks, so look out for them!
STA Assessment Update: 15th May 2018
15 May
Key stage 2 Action: administer KS2 tests this week All school staff involved in the administration of the key stage 2 (KS2) tests this week should refer to the KS2 test administration guidance. Headteachers, and others involved in administering the tests, must keep all test materials secure and treat them as confidential until Friday 25 May, the day after the last test can be administered using a timetable variation. Teachers and test administrators must not publish, or discuss, specific content online that could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the tests. Action: return test scripts for marking Schools should refer to the Attendance register and test script dispatch instructions to pack scripts for marking. Section 4 includes Parcelforce's collection dates and advice for schools rescheduling tests using timetable variations. We've also published videos to demonstrate how to complete your attendance registers and how to package scripts. Reminder: managing pupil absence in test week If a pupil is ill on the day of a test, you should not administer the test to them. If a pupil is absent on the scheduled test date, you should wait until they have returned to school and are in a fit state to take the test before making a timetable variation application. Please read the guidance before making an application. Action: check applications for timetable variations If you have already made applications for timetable variations, please check the outcome in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools. We may have asked you to provide further information in order to consider your application You must wait for approval before administering the test on a new date. Action: make notifications for access arrangements by 25 May If any pupils have used a scribe, word processor or other technical aid in the tests, or if you have made a transcript of their script, you must complete an online notification in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools. The form will be available from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May. The KS2 access arrangements guidance contains further information about the access arrangements available for pupils participating in the tests. Action: submit special consideration applications by 25 May Special consideration may be awarded if a pupil's performance in the KS2 tests has been affected by extremely distressing circumstances. You can apply for special consideration in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May. Our guidance explains the circumstances in which pupils may be eligible for special consideration and this video shows how to make an application. Approved applications for special consideration do not give STA sufficient information to change a pupil's scaled score. However, the Department for Education will take into account the fact that special consideration has been granted when calculating primary school performance measures. Action: complete the headteacher's declaration form by 25 May Complete and submit your KS2 headteacher's declaration form (HDF) in NCA tools from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May. We've published a video showing how to complete the HDF. Please take care when completing the form, as it can't be amended once submitted. Failure to complete the HDF by the deadline may result in a maladministration investigation.
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22 May
End of Key Stage 1 Assessment Surgery
Teachers may attend to discuss judgements with members of the moderation team. This may help to answer questions about particular aspects of the assessment process including how to apply the Teacher Assessment Frameworks to children's work.
22 May
EYFS - Making the most of Creating Nurture Spaces
Tuesday 22nd May 2018 - 6.30pm - 8.30pm reg. 6.15pm - Keynsham Community Space, Keynsham This practical session will enable you explore provision for ‘cosy spaces’ within your continuous provision. It will support you to reflect on your current provisions for cosy spaces and/or think about creating new purposeful spaces. The aim of this session is to ensure practitioners are equipped with the tools to support them to create interesting cosy spaces and plan for an appropriate learning environment. You will have the opportunity to be hands on and experience the power of cosy spaces for yourself, and realise the benefits children can gain from this provision.
23 May
EYFS - New and/or Inexperienced SENCo/Leaders and Managers Training - PART 1 (RE-SCHEDULED)
RE-ARRANGE DATE - Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 9am - 12 (reg. 8.45am) - VENUE: Keynsham Civic Centre, Keynsham Room W1.4 Part 1- An Introduction to being an Early Years SENCo • These sessions will help develop practitioner’s knowledge about the legislation in place to support children with SEND and how the setting needs to adhere to these. • Practitioners will gain understanding and practical examples through peer discussion regarding ‘reasonable adjustments’ for supporting children with SEND • There will be information provided about local authority support and other partner agencies and professionals and correct referral routes. • These sessions will be both informative and practical, helping SENCO’s to understand and implement the new ‘My Plan at SEN Support’ paperwork that will be in place from September 2017 when supporting children at the SEN Support level, following the graduated approach to Assess, Plan, Do, Review in line with the SEND Code of Practice 2014. • There will be an opportunity to learn what further targeted training around ‘My Plan at SEN Support’ will be available from the EY SENDIT team. YOU will need to book on to Part 2 - 1.30pm - 3pm on Thursday 20th September 2018 - Somerdale Pavilion, Avonfields Room