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Fleet Management Services
MOT, repairs and maintenance packages. Driver assessments and Vehicle hire
Fleet Management Services offer a wide range of services for all members of staff, including MOT's, maintenance, repairs and servicing.
MOT's, repairs maintenance and management are available to school owned minibuses. We can also provide full MIDAS minibus training, minibus hire, driving license checks and driver assessments. To find out more about these services please contact us using the contact details at the top right of the page.
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27 Mar
EYFS - Safer Recruitment
During the day you will consider the issues through presentations, case examples and group discussion. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and course completion. This course is accredited by the Safer Recruitment Consortium. Course Content includes: - Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding - Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers - How abusers operate within organisations - Features of a safer recruitment process - Planning a safer recruitment process - Making the right decisions: interview and selection - Setting acceptable standards of behaviour - Maintaining an on-going culture of vigilance
27 Mar
Strategic Briefing for Chairs of Governors
Sandwiches will be available from 5.30pm & the session will start at 6.00pm.
28 Mar
EYFS - Wellbeing and Involvement in Action:Understanding and Using the Leuven Scales
(1) Wednesday 24th October 2018 - Keynsham Civic Centre, W1.2 Conference Room, Keynsham (4.45pm - 6.30pm) Well Being and Involvement Project (2) Wednesday 6th March 2019 - Keynsham Civic Centre, W1.1 Conference Room, Keynsham (6.45pm - 8.30pm) Well Being and Involvement Cluster Must attend both all sessions We are pleased to be able to announce a shortened version of our highly successful Well Being and Involvement Project’, based on the Leuven scales. The Leuven scales were developed by Ferre Laevers, who suggested that deep level learning takes place when levels of well-being and involvement are high. The Leuven scales enable a key person to see what really inspires and motivates their key children. The training session will cover • What the Leuven scales are, and an introduction to how the scales work. • Ample opportunity to practise using the scales. • Ideas about how you might use the Leuven scales in day to day practice, including using them to identify aspects of provision you may wish to improve • An opportunity to consider how you can share the Leuven scales with parents The visit to each setting will support attendees to use the Leuven scales to observe their own key children, alongside a mentor. The setting will be supported to consider how to use the Leuven scales in day to day practice.