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STA Assessment Update: 13th February 2018

Key stage 2 

Action: apply for early opening by 26 February

If you will need more than one hour to make adaptations to key stage 2 (KS2) tests, or to prepare apparatus, you need to submit an application for early opening in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools by Monday 26 February.

It may be helpful to use KS2 practice materials with pupils before administering the live tests. This should help you to identify if adaptations need to be made to either the test materials or the administration of the tests.

Section 4 of the KS2 access arrangements guidance includes eligibility criteria and our video demonstrates how to apply.

Action: apply for compensatory marks for spelling by 26 February

If any pupils are unable to take Paper 2: spelling due to a profound hearing impairment, they may qualify for compensatory marks. This allows pupils to receive an overall test outcome for the English grammar, punctuation and spelling test.

Section 5 of theKS2 access arrangements guidance offers more information and our video demonstrates how to apply. You must make an application in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools by Monday 26 February.

Primary assessment 

Reminder: submit your views on our proposed test administration Q&A event

Don't miss the opportunity to feedback on the topics you would like to see covered in our proposed test administration Facebook Q&A event.

Please complete this short survey by midnight on Friday 16 February to share your views with us.

13 Feb 2018

Spencer Cartwright
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