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STA Assessment Update: 15th May 2018

Key stage 2


Action: administer KS2 tests this week


All school staff involved in the administration of the key stage 2 (KS2) tests this week should refer to the KS2 test administration guidance.


Headteachers, and others involved in administering the tests, must keep all test materials secure and treat them as confidential until Friday 25 May, the day after the last test can be administered using a timetable variation. Teachers and test administrators must not publish, or discuss, specific content online that could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the tests.



Action: return test scripts for marking


Schools should refer to the Attendance register and test script dispatch instructions to pack scripts for marking. Section 4 includes Parcelforce's collection dates and advice for schools rescheduling tests using timetable variations.


We've also published videos to demonstrate how to complete your attendance registers and how to package scripts.



Reminder: managing pupil absence in test week


If a pupil is ill on the day of a test, you should not administer the test to them. If a pupil is absent on the scheduled test date, you should wait until they have returned to school and are in a fit state to take the test before making a timetable variation application.

Please read the guidance before making an application.



Action: check applications for timetable variations


If you have already made applications for timetable variations, please check the outcome in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools. We may have asked you to provide further information in order to consider your application


You must wait for approval before administering the test on a new date.



Action: make notifications for access arrangements by 25 May


If any pupils have used a scribe, word processor or other technical aid in the tests, or if you have made a transcript of their script, you must complete an online notification in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools. The form will be available from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May.


The KS2 access arrangements guidance contains further information about the access arrangements available for pupils participating in the tests.



Action: submit special consideration applications by 25 May


Special consideration may be awarded if a pupil's performance in the KS2 tests has been affected by extremely distressing circumstances. You can apply for special consideration in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May. Our guidance explains the circumstances in which pupils may be eligible for special consideration and this video shows how to make an application.


Approved applications for special consideration do not give STA sufficient information to change a pupil's scaled score. However, the Department for Education will take into account the fact that special consideration has been granted when calculating primary school performance measures.



Action: complete the headteacher's declaration form by 25 May


Complete and submit your KS2 headteacher's declaration form (HDF) in NCA tools from Thursday 17 May until Friday 25 May. We've published a video showing how to complete the HDF.


Please take care when completing the form, as it can't be amended once submitted. Failure to complete the HDF by the deadline may result in a maladministration investigation.

15 May 2018

Spencer Cartwright
School Improvement & Achievement Service
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