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Could your setting make a lonely person smile?

Could your setting make a lonely person smile?

If you have an envelope and a stamp you can get involved. 

Please do not go out especially to get these, as only essential journeys are allowed while restrictions are in place.

How can you help?

A team of BANES charities are creating ‘positivity and wellbeing packs’ for people who live alone, are older and/or unwell and feeling very isolated.  Many don’t have access to internet resources so a goody bag of information with activities such as seeds, puzzles and crafts can keep their spirits lifted.

The team would love to include some joyful contributions from children e.g. a picture, poem, rainbow, postcard or letter.  For an elderly or vulnerable person, receiving something personal which they can display will feel extra special. 

We hope that your setting might be able help with this project by asking children (only those still coming in) to create draw, paint or write something on the theme of ‘Things That Make Me Happy’. Adults can scribe the children’s words, of course. Be as creative as you like and include children of every age.

In addition to bringing some joy to vulnerable people, taking part can help develop children’s understanding of community, of how their actions can influence other’s feelings and can encourage confidence, as well as pride in their achievements, as they realise that they can do something constructive to help others.

The product

It should be an A4 size - or smaller - drawing, painting, short letter, homemade postcard, poem, piece of craft (that will survive the post!), based on the theme “Things that make me happy”.  Please write the child’s first name, age and general location on the back and any words the child has used (or add a line explaining what they have created) e.g. ‘My dog Patch makes me happy’ by Emily aged 4, Bath… or’ Playing on my iPad makes me happy’ by Sam aged 10, Keynsham.

Please encourage the children to think and talk about what they are doing.  For example, with pre-school children…There are lots of people who live on their own and can’t go out, so they are not seeing anyone. Some of them are not very well. How do you think they might be feeling? They might feel lonely and a bit sad. How might they feel if they receive something special from you? Receiving something, which you took time to make, will cheer them up and bring them joy!  With younger children, adults might model creating some things which make them smile and show that the children’s creations make them happy too.

Post to central collection point

if you send a large envelope you will need a large letter stamp but please do not shop for this especially.  Fold items if that’s easier and safer.

Please send your contributions by post to the address below. 

Sarah Lane,
Wellbeing College: Virgin Care
The Office Village
Roman Way
Bath Business Park
Peasedown St John

If the children enjoy doing it, then please repeat the activity as often as you can. Keep the joy coming!

Thank you for your help with this.  It will be very much appreciated

For further information, including thecharities involved, go to https://www.bathnes.gov.uk/sites/default/files/siteimages/poster_v3.pdf
or contact anne_herat@bathnes.gov.uk

06 May 2020

Richard Hill
Early Years Foundation Stage Team
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