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KS2 Moderation of Writing Event

Working with others to moderate your writing judgements.


Our writing moderation events will allow inter-school moderation of a sample of writing scripts and support teachers’ professional development. This event proves to be very popular and is always well received by those attending. Year 7 colleagues are invited to join to help strengthen transition across Key Stages.


Year 6 teachers moderate marked writing scripts from another school before looking at the supporting evidence that enables teachers to determine an overall writing teacher assessment level.
Please note that this session is repeated on 30th April. These are earlier in the school year in response to last year's feedback. It is expected all schools will send representation to enable 100% moderation across the authority. Teachers are only required to attend one session.

Each Year 6 teacher attending will need to bring for three pupils:
  • Sufficient of writing that demonstrate the child’s independent attainment in a range of writing. The work should contain as much evidence of consistent attainment of the ‘pupil can’ statements contained within the relevant Key Stage Writing Interim Framework as possible. In response to feedback, we are looking at two children’s evidence base in depth rather than looking at three children in less detail. The evidence may consist of books and folders along with some cross-curricular work if applicable.
  • A completed Key Stage 2 Writing Analysis Sheet for each child showing what statements are evidenced in which samples of work.

Where there is a job-share in a Year 6 class and both teachers are attending, each teacher either bring the above (i.e. three pupils’ work each; six pupils in total from the class) or share the work and act as one teacher. For year groups with more than one class, each teacher attending will need to bring two sets of children's work.

Please make sure the work is clearly labelled with the school's name and if appropriate and that multiple sheets for any one child are securely attached. This is to ensure that work is returned in its entirety to the school.
If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Schools will have had samples of children's writing moderated by the end of the session.


Year 6 teachers, assessment leaders, Year 7 teachers supporting transition and consistency of standards,

24 Apr 2019 09:00 - 12:00

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School Improvement & Achievement Service
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Date and Time

24 Apr 2019 09:00 - 12:00


Somerdale Pavilion (SDP-CB / Cadbury Room), Cross Street, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2FW


Mark Cox