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Speech and Language Inclusion Partnership - SLIP

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The SLIP service is a traded service providing a comprehensive Speech and Language Therapy Service to pupils, staff and parents in primary and secondary schools across Bath and North East Somerset.

We are a team of 12 speech and language therapists and a specialist language teacher. The team is led by a specialist speech and language therapist and the Professional Lead for Speech and Language Therapy at Sirona Care and Health with input from a multidisciplinary and cross- agency steering group.

Each school has a designated speech and language therapist who provides regular SLIPsessions to the school. SLIP operates a single pricing system and each school determines the level of SLIP input they require via a Service Level Agreement, the majority of schools buy in weekly or fortnightly support.

The SLIP service we deliver is developed in partnership with individual schools. Support can be provided at the universal, targeted and specialist levels including:

• Whole school training and/or training for specific staff groups, off-site training opportunities for key staff and accredited ELKLAN training for TAs at a discounted rate
• Specific time allocated to individual pupils with severe and complex speech and language needs
• Setting up and modelling language groups for school staff to continue
• Providing input to IEPs
• Modelling interventions which can then be continued by school staff
• Screening for pupils with suspected speech and language difficulties
• Liaison with and training for parents
• Blocks of speech and language intervention for small groups
• Reports following assessment for Annual Review &/or onward referral
• Attending an Annual Review
• Liaison with staff as part of the on-going work in school
• Assessment and advice
• Advising on resources and school policies on speaking and listening

Increasing numbers of schools are using dedicated SLIP TAs to work alongside and be trained by the speech and language therapist, enhancing and extending the support available to pupils in their schools.

The SLIP team are supported by NHS funded specialists in ASD, articulatory dyspraxia and severe learning difficulties. SLIP also employs a specialist language teacher to provide specialist advice and support for pupils on our caseload with additional literacy difficulties at no extra cost to the school.

All SLIP schools are able to access free Makaton training from our accredited Makaton tutors and bi-lingual language assessments with interpreters at no additional cost to the school.



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